Change is an integral part of business today. Today’s enterprises must be ready to respond to new opportunities, new challenges, and new technologies with increasing speed and agility, often with Business and IT resources already stretched beyond capacity. That’s where we come in. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Los Angeles, The Zaszou Group is comprised of a leading IT consultancy and a premiere Business Services company. We offer the expertise, experience, and proficiency to turn business challenges into business opportunities — quickly, cost-effectively, and most importantly, successfully.

Your IT Goals. Your Business Goals. Aligned.

When businesses are adapting to change, responding to opportunities, and implementing corporate strategies, the challenge is in leveraging technology to reach your business objectives, while conserving your internal IT resources and budgets. The solution: Zaszou.

With over two decades of experience in successfully developing, launching and managing IT initiatives for enterprises representing diverse industries, Zaszou delivers the power of technology to achieve your business goals. We will help you extend your technology expertise while conserving your IT resources, allowing you to drive efficiencies, control costs, take advantage of opportunities and improve processes across your enterprise. Bottom line: We make IT work.

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Make ZBS an Extension of your Business

Zaszou Business Services (ZBS) is a Southern California based business services provider dedicated to providing customized Finance & Accounting, Operations, Supply Chain, and Human Capital services that meet the specific needs of companies in various industries such as Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Healthcare.

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